Genetic Engineering

First, let's take this mini-quiz:

Which one of these people is a scientist?

A) B) C) D) E)

If you chose A), you get 2 points for picking a woman, and 0 points for picking someone nerdy looking.
If you chose B), you get 1 point for picking someone slightly normal looking
If you chose C), you don't deserve any points and you've been brainwashed by Hollywood into thinking that all scientists are crazy megalomaniacs.
If you chose D), you get 2 points for going against all stereotypes and 2 points for picking a woman.
If you chose E), you get 2 points for picking what looks like a fun loving guy.

Scientists are people (and parents!) too. The idea that we are nerdy people who never see the light of day�and who care only about fame from discovery. Please� I care very much what my daughter is exposed to: what she eats, breathes, drinks and touches.
Whether we're talking about a Far Side or Looney Tunes cartoon, Dr. Frankenstein or any number of Hollywood productions, scientists are probably one of the most stereotyped professions that exist. Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but I've seen a lot of scientist bashing on various websites, especially those that are against genetic engineering. For a subject this important, I think we need to keep our objectivity.

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Food Safety & Genetic Engineering

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