After doing research on this topic I decided to make this a primer on food safety in general. It is a simple fact that we take food safety for granted. The reality of most of our lives is that we cannot grow our own food´┐Ż it is grown in distant places and in order to keep it safe for consumption before, during and after its long voyage to our markets, lots of things happen. Even if we grew our own food, it is not necessarily "safe." It is still important to store and prepare food properly to avoid food poisoning.


Here are some great links on food safety:
Healthy food practices from the EPA
Consumer food advice
Fruit and vegetable safety
Pesticides and children - EPA
Food safety resources for kids

Food Irradiation

Another issue related to food safety is food irradiation. If it sounds scary to you, check out this

Excellent FAQ about food irradiation , or this
Scientific American article about food irradiation and public opinion

BioMom's Personal View:

For our sakes and especially our children's, I believe we need to be more vigilant with respect to our water, air, & earth....Children are NOT miniature adults. Their growing bodies are VERY different and they are much more susceptible to environmental toxins (like pesticides) than adults are. For more information, check out CHEC (Children's Health Environmental Coalition).

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