About Us

Important Note:

BiologyMom is NOT a medical doctor, she has Ph.D. (see below). IF YOU or YOUR CHILD ARE ILL, please see a doctor. I can neither diagnose nor help you with treatment of illness.

Although the information I am providing will always be referenced and will come from respected sources, it should NEVER replace the advice of a trusted health professional. I reserve the right to inject my own personal opinion but will try to make it clear when I am doing so.

Who are we?

BiologyMom has a Master's degree (University of California, Santa Barbara) in Molecular Biology and a Ph.D. (Université de Paris XI, France) in Microbiology. Most importantly, she is the Mommy of a little girl born in June 2000 and a little boy born in September 2003!

In addition to her academic experience, BiologyMom did research in the Biotech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area for 5 years (searching for alternate treatments for osteoporosis, AIDS and cancer). She is currently a college professor in Massachusetts.

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Why BiologyMom created this site:

I've always been concerned about the lack of clear communication and understanding between the scientific community and the public, especially when the results of scientific research have a direct impact upon our health and lifestyle. Because of this, and because there is now a whole range of issues that can affect the well-being of my children, I decided to provide some basic scientific explanations, relevant links and eventually a discussion forum for parents like myself who want to be informed.